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I was first introduced to infographics and data visualisation a short while ago in my job as an SEO consultant.  Data visualisation (and infographics in particular) are seen by many marketers, in SEO and Social Media, as a way to gain links, traffic, brand awareness or whatever else they’re looking for.

This, sadly, has led to people jumping on the bandwagon with little understanding of the underlying principles of data visualisation.  And I must confess, I too have been one of those people.

I’m slowly learning the errors of my ways, however, and have come to appreciate data visualisation in it’s own right.  This blog is something of an exploration to unearth best practices in data visualisation and infographics, and share some useful insights.

If you’re interested in infographics and data visualisation, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on the blog.  And if you’d like to get in contact, you can do so via:  mark [at] epicgraphic [dot] com

And you can follow me on Twitter:  @epicgraphic

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Special thanks to Dave for helping out with the site.

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