AIDS, Homophobia and Wild Tigers [GRAPHS]

The Death Rate from AIDS is Dropping

That was the story of last Friday’s Daily Chart from the Economist.  The chart was a visualisation of rare qualities.  It delivered news of genuine importance, and not only that, but the graph was moving in a positive direction.

The latter characteristic made me smile.  The former reminded me just how trivial many visualisations can be.  But here was some real news being represented for a change (see chart below).

Bar graph showing a decline in deaths from AIDS

And no sooner had I read the article in the Economist than I found another piece of positive news in graphic form.

Attitudes towards gay people in the US are improving…

according to Gallup’s annual Values & Beliefs poll, as shown below.


Line Graph from Gallup showing improving attitudes towards gay relationships in the US

via I Love Charts


One more chart appeared on my radar last Friday reporting something of genuine importance.  It wasn’t good news this time however.

Wild Tigers Could Be Extinct by 2022

Poster from the WWF with a graph showing Wild Tigers Could Be Extinct by the year 2022

Image via I LoveCharts


You can find out more about the WWF’s campaign to Save the Tigers here.

Staying with the charts for a second, it was great to see 3 pieces of real newsworthy content displayed so simply and effectively in graphic form.  With my hopes for visualisation pleasantly renewed, I’ll be keeping my eye out for more.

I’ll report back on my findings.

PS  If you have a moment, please do check out the WWF site about the tigers –




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