Silence is Underrated

I once worked in a bank while I was a student, and as a ‘treat’ for agreeing to work overtime on a Saturday, we were allowed to listen to music while we counted the cash.  However, being mostly filled with young mothers, we had to endure Shania Twain on repeat.

My colleague – one of the few other guys in the team – turned to me at one point and said…

“Don’t you think silence is underrated?”

I laughed.  I’ve always remembered that moment vividly.

This definitely applies to the amount of online noise we are subjected to, and allow ourselves to be subjected to, daily – the vast amount of infographics very much included!

I’ll be doing a post shortly on filtering, but it’s worth reminding ourselves that tuning out for a while can be even more effective.  I could do with remembering that more often!

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