27 thoughts on “Data Cake”

    1. Agreed… I can get that it was consumed, but that would be a metaphor for “Communicated” or “Transferred”

  1. This is an excellent metaphor!

    Data is the ingredients, the raw pieces that are pointless alone.

    When you combine the Data with relevant business context, you get Information that can be used.

    That Information must be formatted into graphs or charts to really make sense, so there is a necessary Presentation step.

    When the Presentation of Information is used to affect business decisions, it is consumed, just like eating the cake in the picture. Now, of course in the digital age, the base Data, Information and Presentation can be reused after being consumed, but the metaphor still applies. When you consume the Information in the Presentation to make a business decision, you typically just wipe the crumbs from your mouth and move on to the next problem.

  2. I just want to know what’s in the data… and the process (that is, time and temperature) for turning it into information.

  3. Well…to me, the Knowledge metaphor implies that the data has been translated to insight (more current than information, at least for my industry) and then appropriately presented so that it is in a format that can be consumed. It is now knowledge that can, presumably, be used in decision-making. At least that’s how I read it.

  4. This is great! :) All we have are the eggs and milk. But, that’s fine because there’s more than one way to bake a cake… #planningmy”firstdayofschool”introductoryspeech

  5. I don’t think the knowledge picture implies “consumed”. I think it indicates that the information has been applied by someone. Instead of eating it, someone could just have well smashed the cake in someone else’s face – another application of the information. Sometimes we are presented with information but don’t know what its use is or how to apply it to anything – so is it really knowledge at that point?

  6. I like this, I understand it like Marion. The picture implies further questions: “What is knowledge-management?” ;-)

    May I use a smaller version of the picture (including a link to your site) in my blog?

  7. When one manages to digest information, then one gets knowledge.

    At least just consuming it is not enough for me :-)

  8. Noooooo!!!! The small crumbs of the cake are the symbols of the acquired knowledge! The presentation is the sugar favored information that always looks better, than originally.

    Brilliant illustration!

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