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“We at least want to be in the business where content matters”Edward Tufte.

Think of all the infographics out there –  how many of them really matter?  How many of them say something important?  Important enough to save someone’s life?

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Breast Cancer Symptoms

Coppafeel, a breast cancer awareness charity, are definitely in the business where content matters. The organisation was started by Kris Hallenga.

At the age of 23, Kris discovered a lump in her breast, but was turned away from her GP on more than one occasion, because she was considered too young to have breast cancer.  After a frustrating 8 months, she was finally diagnosed, by which time she had developed stage 4 breast cancer (the most advanced type).  And it was now not only in her breast, but had also spread to her spine.

5 months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy followed.  Kris is very open and frank about this time in her life:

“It was shit!”

But they’ve developed a motto at Coppafeel – ‘You can’t polish a turd.  But you can roll it in glitter.’  Which roughly translates as making the best of a bad situation.  Kris has made it her mission (and the mission of Coppafeel) to raise awareness that breast cancer can affect you at a young age, and you could save your own life by getting to know your boobs.

Kris continues her own battle with cancer, but focuses most of her energy on helping other people avoid the same fate.

And You Can Help…

Please support Coppafeel by spreading the word.  Embed one of these infographics on your site.  Tweet about Coppafeel.  Link to their site. And/Or embed a badge on your site (like the one on the right hand column of this blog).

breast cancer symptoms

Add This Image To Your Site:

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Signs of Breast Cancer

However, you do it, please help spread the word – young people need to learn about the early signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Thank you.


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