9 Infographics That Made Me Smile

One of the most popular hooks for an infographic is humour.  If you can make a funny infographic, or even an amusing pie chart, it could spread far and wide across the net.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I don’t claim the following had me laughing out loud, but they definitely raised a smile.

1.  The Shower Faucet (oh, so true!)

Have you ever had a shower that wasn’t like this?

Shower Faucet Infographic

2.  Maslow v Lennon

Differing views on essential human needs… The Psychologist vs Musician

3.  If IKEA Made Stonehenge

Speaks for itself really…

4. The Banana Timeline

Took me a second to get this at first…

Banana Timeline Infographic

5. Life is Simple

Not so much of a humorous one, but it definitely made me smile :o)

Life Is Simple Infographic

(Via Datavisualisation.ch)

Who knows, maybe it is that simple…

6.  The Nun Pie Chart

Come on! – A nun as a pie chart? – That’s some funny s***

7.  iPhone vs Android vs Blackberry

I don’t normally appreciate infographics aimed at the tech crowd, but this was too good to ignore.

8.  Mr T Pie Chart

I Pity The Fool!

Mr T Pie Chart

9. Kenny Rogers – The Gambler

All Together Now, “You Got to Know When To Hold ‘Em…”

“…Know When To Fold ‘Em,

Know When To Walk Away…”

You Know How It Goes…

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